27th Jul 2008

S 2

Rating: ♦♦♦

Take everything you know about proper police procedure and throw it out the window. Of course, this being BL, this should not surprise anyone. But, there are times when I’m reading this genre that I have to step aside and remind myself that the laws of reality as I know them do not apply.

When we last left Shiiba, he was riding the high of enjoying sex with his ‘S,’ or informant. Now, don’t think that this was fully consensual sex. Shiiba’s S, Munechika, is blackmailing him into submission. Shiiba submits to Munechika’s sexual desires and Munechika informs on gun runners who are bringing weapons into Japan.

So, in this novel we have more of the same. Shiiba has another case to crack, Munechika is still doing his best to get under Shiiba’s skin and into his bed. Shiiba is resisting all the way, thinking that letting Munechika feel for him, and returning the feelings could only be bad for him and the investigation.

A misunderstanding leads Munechika to show Shiiba what emotionless sex is really like and kind of beats Shiiba into submission while doing so. I know that rape is a common plot device in BL and that in the world of BL, this is akin to Munechika declaring his unwavering devotion to Shiiba. At the same time, the feminist inside of me is screaming at Shiiba to fight back! To fuck the whole S system and tell Munechika just where he can shove it. See, it wasn’t the rape that bothered me, it was Shiiba getting smacked around before and during. It’s a small thing and something I can get over, but it still bothered me.

Even with that, I still find that the story is an enjoyable read and I’m looking forward to seeing where they go with the story in the final volume. I just have to grab any notion of reality that I might have and shove it down into a tiny box before I start reading.

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