15th Jun 2008

Tea for Two 1

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

Tea ceremonies should not be erotic. I don’t care how pretty the boys are in their traditional garb and how much lust is simmering between them, they just shouldn’t be erotic. Of course, this book makes them erotic and leaves me feeling all around happy because the entire thing is so well done and so very, very funny.

I had read this series first through scanlations, but I stopped reading after the first few releases. I don’t know why because I really enjoyed the story. Maybe I was just running out of time to download stuff or got distracted by shiny things. So while I am familiar with the basic plot, I don’t know a lot of it, so I was in for a treat when I picked up the first volume for myself.

Madoka Tokumaru is a bull in a china shop. He always seems to be breaking something. To help him learn some control and to help keep all of her stuff from getting destroyed, his sister forces him to join the tea ceremony club. The head of the tea ceremony club is the cool and collected Kazuma Hasune. Hasune has reservations at first about Tokumaru joining the club, but gives in.

Now, things are going to start heating up and the question is, will Kasune be able to survive the hurricane force that is Tokumaru?

There’s really just far too much sweetness and silliness in this release. It’s not a difficult read and the plot is very easy to follow. It’s just the thing to curl up with when you want some pretty-boy goodness and don’t want to tax your brain too much!

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