27th May 2008

The Crimson Spell 1

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

Kitty Media’s doing pretty good when the only complaint I have is the translation of the lead character’s name. This is a series that I became familiar with through scanlations and the lead character’s name was always translated as Valdigue, or Val for short. Kitty Media translates it as Baldrigr, or Bald for short.

The name Bald just threw me. I kept picturing this aging, balding salaryman in place of the pretty-boy prince that I was supposed to be seeing. It’s a little thing to be cranky over, but it was really starting to bother me halfway through the book. Oh well, at least we have pretty-happy-fantasy smut, courtesy of Ayano Yamane. You have to know going into this that the art is going to be gorgeous and the smut will be graphic. It’s the hallmark of her work.

This time around we have our young Prince Bald, who’s been cursed by a demon sword. To break the curse he seeks out the help of the wizard Havi. During their travels, they pick up Rulka, a rabbit-like flying creature who can turn into a beautiful boy at will.

Now, Havi has always been fascinated by anything magical, so when Bald warns him to stay away from him when he’s sleeping and in danger of turning into his demon form, Havi lets curiosity get the better of him and unleashes the demon.

The demon that is released is super powerful and is channeling energy from somewhere. Havi decides that demon-Bald would be a great way to charge up his magical power and seeks to harness Bald’s demon power.

Yes. Much like an incubus, he’s going to suck the energy out of him through sex. Lots of wild-hot-monkey sex. Demon-Bald likes the sex, human-Bald doesn’t have a clue that his body is being used as a giant battery. But he does find himself becoming oddly attracted to Havi. I guess there are some things that a body just can’t forget.

I swear, I think I’m going to buy just about everything Ayano Yamane releases and be happy with it. Pretty boys and hot smut. I couldn’t ask for anything more!

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