27th May 2008

Hero Heel 2

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

I have been waiting for this. More lovely, sexy angst with boys dressed in futuristic fantasy outfits.

When we last left our heroes, Minami and Sawada slept together. We were left wondering what was going to become of their relationship after Sawada gave Minami the cold shoulder after the night of fun. The two actors can still work together, but the negative emotions they feel towards each other come out in their acting. Good thing that their characters are archenemies.

After Minami goes through some more emotional upheaval at the hands of Sawada, he finds comfort in the arms of another costar, Katagiri. Katagiri isn’t exactly the person that Minami wants to sleep with, but Katagiri makes a good substitute since Sawada is unavailable.

As the story progresses, we get to see a bit into Sawada’s back story and that he was dumped horribly by a fellow actor who resembles Minami. Hmmm. Maybe there was more to Sawada saying that Minami wasn’t his type than he was letting on.

Things really get interesting when that fellow actor is brought in to play a guest role for a special on the series they’re working on. Instead of a love triangle, we’re looking at a square. Things get very messy very quickly.

I’m still hoping that Sawada and Minami get their heads out of their asses to figure out that they’re supposed to be banging each others’ brains out. Let the other two get together and go off into the happy yaoi-land sunset.

I can’t say that Makoto Tateno is my favorite artist. I like the style of a few other artists more, but, damn, if Tateno pulls off some of the best goddamned angst out there. Every time I sit down with one of her releases, I get sucked right in and end up caring far too much about her characters!

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