24th May 2008

Passion 3

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

Why am I completely enthralled by this overblown, over-dramatic, teacher/student, love-story-drama mess? In any other series, with any other set of characters, I would be ready to throw the book down and start yelling at the characters to shit or get off the pot.

The blurb on the back of the manga states that, “Every secret conversation and forbidden night is a chance to plunger ahead into the sweet unknown… or fall prey to the pressures of lingering doubt.” Lingering doubt is right, as much as these two care about each other they doubt each other’s feelings. Shima knows it’s wrong to play head games with Hikaru, but he needs to reassurance of Hikaru’s love when he follows along.

Hikaru is constantly doubting himself and Shima’s feelings for him. Even though he’s graduated and has been supporting himself, they still fall into the teacher/student dynamic when ever they get together.

This time around Hikaru wants to get a pair of matching rings for he and Shima to wear. Shima puts up a bit of a fight, he’s worried about what they’re going to say at work, but what he really wants is for Hikaru to push him and prove his feelings. Head games all over again.

Add in the head server at the cafe where Hikaru works being bound and determined to get into Hikaru’s pants and Shima’s growing jealousy and you’ve got a nice little stew of angst. With all eyes on the couple it’s hard for them to deal with each other honestly too. You know that there’s going to be a happy ending eventually, but it’s going to be quite a ride getting there.

I just hope that there are not too many more books in this series. While I’m loving the angst and the melodrama now, I don’t know how many more books I can take of this before I really am screaming at the characters.

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