24th May 2008

Passion 2

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

Shima and Hikaru are still together in the beginning of this volume. It’s a miracle, but, come on, this is BL and nothing is realistic. They *ahem* pretend to be lovers very well.

Shima won’t admit it, but he’s got it bad for Hikaru. It’s just in time too because Hikaru is graduating. They both remember that their “pretend” relationship will be ending. So, you can imagine how miserable they both are on graduation day. However, life goes on and they separate.

Hikaru can’t stay away for long though and he attends his high school’s festival. Oh, there is suffering and crying and running away. Not to mention juicy confessions.

I found this volume to be as good as the first. I like how each character is distinctive in personality and looks. It’s nice to see when there are many cookie-cutter manga out there.

Now, I thought for a long time that this was the last volume of Passion. I’m so glad that it’s not! A third is due out at the end of the year and I cannot wait.

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