24th May 2008

Love Pistols 4

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

I am so happy that they included a family tree in this release. I have a very hard time keeping track of who gave birth to whom and how everyone’s interconnected. You thought it was hard keeping track of blended families with just females reproducing.

Now we get to keep track of males reproducing with other males and females reproducing with females. Confused? Welcome to my world. I swear, if this story wasn’t such utter and total crack, I wouldn’t be able to deal with how freaking confusing it can be at times.

Okay, so Norio’s in training at the Kunimasa family compound. He’s still grappling with Kunimasa’s treatment, but there’s something brewing that’s keeping everyone distracted. Things come to a head when Kunimasa’s mother kidnaps him and prepares to auction him off as a stud to the highest bidder.

As you can imagine, Kunimasa’s not too pleased with this development, but Momma’s got a remedy for that. Can we all say ‘drugged to the gills’, boys and girls? See, Momma does not believe in paltry things like human emotions. She’s more the kind to let her animal instincts rule her and she figures that the best way to continue the bloodline is to find the most lucrative female for her son. Never mind that what her son wants is his little kitty-boy, missing-link.

There’s just one thing that Momma didn’t count on: there’s almost nothing that can stop a pissed off missing-link. Once Norio gets to Kunimasa, things take a swift turn off into happy-ever-after land. Kunimasa was hiding his feelings behind a veil of macho posturing. He really does care for Norio.

This series really needs the angst and the moments of unbelievable sweetness to keep the absolute insanity of the plot from bogging it down and rendering it into something that’s impossible to read. Oh, sweet crack-like series, I’m so happy to have another volume of you in my hands. I’m just cranky that I have to wait until the summer time to get another dose of this!

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