22nd May 2008

Totally Captivated 1

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

Ewon has problems. Not only has his boyfriend left him because of his wandering eye, but in his determination to get his boyfriend back, he’s ended up working for his ex’s new boyfriend, Mookyul. And to Ewon’s dismay, most of that work isn’t on the right side of the law.

It doesn’t help that Mookyul isn’t inclined to treat Ewon with much care with him hurting the ex and everything. It also doesn’t help that Mookyul is drop dead gorgeous. It’s something that Ewon has a hard time not noticing.

So, when Mookyul sends Ewon off to get payment for some outstanding loans and threatens death and dismemberment if Ewon isn’t successful, you can bet that Ewon sucks it up and becomes an errand boy for the mob. Of course, Ewon isn’t too good at this at first, he’s far too trusting and far too nice. Even threats of bodily harm from Mookyul can’t keep him from wanting to find the good in his clients.

This all changes when he realizes that the client’s been playing him. Since Ewon flubbed up in getting the money, he doesn’t get paid for any of his endeavors. Poor Ewon. All this just because he couldn’t resist looking at pretty boys.

In any case, this series promises to be far too cute to be healthy! The thing that captivated me most about this release was the facial expressions on the characters. They’re exaggerated, comical and just all-around perfect. Add in some exceptionally pretty boys, an aura of danger and you’ve got something that is far more than the sum of its parts.

It’s cute and funny. Also, it’s got pretty boys and the indication of a lot of unresolved sexual tension. Color me a happy girl!

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