22nd May 2008

Spring Fever

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

From the brains behind Close the Last Door, we have another wonderful BL title. Yugi Yamada’s work isn’t always immediately accessable. These aren’t stories that you pick up when you want a bit of escapist fluff. Her stories make you think. I’m not saying that they’re amazingly profound, but there is a bit more depth to them than your average boy-humps-boy story.

We have two stories in this release, first in “Timeless Love”, we have the story of Yusuki, who falls in love easily and with just about everyone, but never finds someone who will love him back. As soon as he falls in love, he’s crushed and looking for someone new to fill the place in his heart. Then he meets Takami, an older man with a son who just moved in next door.

You can bet that Yusuki is going to work his wiles and get himself lodged so firmly into Takami’s heart that they won’t be able to separate them.

Then we have “Wildman Blues,” about two childhood friends who are reunited and discover feelings for each other that go far beyond friendship.

I love the expressions on the characters faces. She’s got the manic, maniacal grin down perfectly, as well as the look of pure innocence when one of the characters is up to something.

Deux Press looks to have a good grasp of titles that North American BL fans are looking for. I just wish that they would leave in the honorifics. They are leaving in some of the sound effects and adding little translations in the margins, which I love, but I would be so much happier with their releases if they would just leave the damn honorifics in. But, if that’s my main complaint with a release then I guess we’re doing pretty good.

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