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Random News Bits

Congrats to creator Ann Cain for scoring Cover Artist/Editors Cover Artist of the Year in Romance Erotica Connections REC Awards! She’s the not only one of the best cover artists in m/m erotic fiction, she’s also a great writer. Her titles include the Pawprints series from LooseID and many collaborative titles with Barbara Sheridan for Samhain. For more info on her titles and her new upcoming manga, please visit her site Dragon’s Disciple.

Still no further word from Drama Queen and some fans are a little annoyed. And, it seems they haven’t contacted their RUSH creators either.

Speaking of RUSH, Tina Anderson, who sat in on the Chicks on Anime round-table feature on Gay Comics and GloBL at the Anime News Network last month and contributed to their forum by posting a great list of GloBL titles, debuted her gay historic web comic Whore of Turfan yesterday.

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