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Well, we’ll see…

The Grand High Pooh-bah over at Drama Queen made an announcement today at the DQ forum.

Greetings to all our beloved fans,

It has been a very rocky year for DQ, but I’m very happy to let you know first on the forum, that we’re getting back to printing.

The schedule is that we will print 1 book every 6-8 weeks until we pick up again with multiple titles. The first book to arrive in September is Tyrant Falls in Love v01 – FINALLY!!!!

The first several months of getting back to work will be yaoi titles…and boy do we have lots to do…Please accept all our deep gratitude for all the warm emails and well wishes on the forum, and just for hanging on with us as we get back on our feet.

The DramaQueen staffers have not forgotten our fans and friends during these trying times. I hope that everyone will continue to extend your patience and goodwill as the team gets back to doing what we do best: publish the best manga books on the market.

As for RUSH – we are working to get RUSH back on schedule – I think by December we can get Issue 2 out. And the manwhas will follow. For now, I wanted to let you all know first that we’re still here. And THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your support these past 3 and half years.

Now, they told us this last spring when we saw them at Anime Boston. Let’s see if they manage to come through on their promise this time!

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  4. Yeah, the person at the DQ booth assured me that volume one of “The Tyrant Falls in Love” would be out the following month at the 2008 New York Comic-Con last April. Or maybe she said this at the 2007 New York Comic-Con the previous February. I hope it’s true this time, but, as you said, I’m not holding my breath.

  5. @ Marfisa: See, we want them to succeed, and we’re hoping that this time they’re going to get their act together and start releasing stuff. They’ve got the best licences.

    But, after being burned by them too many times in the past, we’re not really going to get excited until our copy of RUSH gets here, and we can pre-order Tyrant.