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Curiosity killed the cat!

We should really wait until tomorrow to post this, so we can title the post ‘It’s Friday, I’m in love’, but we’re too impatient to do that…

Dany&Dany at ACEN
They did a super cute illustration advertising their yaoi-night. We hope some of you are able to go and tell them how much you like their art! (Their storytelling leaves something to be desired… but we guess we can’t have everything in this world.)

WTF, Iris Print?

I can’t get through to my publisher. I haven’t heard anything about my first quarter 2008 sales, so I’ve written 3 times now. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Not even a ‘I got your email, am working on it, please be patient.’ Not even bounce messages, so I can only assume my email is getting through and being ignored, or that something very awful has happened to my publisher. I can’t express how frustrating that is. Seriously, any response is better than silence. Even ‘eff off and die, you annoying author b***h’ would be an improvement. ‘Nuff said for now, but there may be more on this topic if things don’t improve. —Rebecca Day

Right now, I’m likely going to make my rep cringe because she asked me not to blog about any of this, but neither her emails nor R.W.s emails are getting any response, so… I hate to say this here at GGY – ‘DAMN any of you that do free work for Iris Print’. :/ —GGY Meta

Please tell us that someone’s going license Viewfinder!

A little old, but we’re still guessing… so who will publish the Libre editions of Ayano Yamane’s Viewfinder series? In Germany it’s TokyoPop DE, will T-Pop be releasing it here as well? What about Kitty Media, who currently licenses Crimson Spell? —A Geek By Any Other Name

We still have high hopes for Kitty Media, who, when they can get releases out, put out some decent things. We couldn’t even bitch about the translations in Crimson Spell.

Et tu, Drama Queen?
DQ employee and forum referee, Taisa, isn’t holding her breath on the new announcement from Drama Queen (DQ Forum). This isn’t helping. >_< Starting to think the PWCW article was a joke.

I’m not sure what the bosslady intends to do as far as announcements. But if she doesn’t say something by the end of May, then I’ll be sure to spill whatever beans I have to spill. —Taisa

Now, when we talked to the folks at Drama Queen during Anime Boston, they assured us that Rush was just about ready to be mailed, and they were going to be getting their asses in gear and starting to release stuff again in April. YEAH. WHERE IS OUR COPY OF RUSH!

Thanks to ‘Crat for the heads-up!

4 Responses to “Curiosity killed the cat!”

  1. […] while I was googling to make sure I hadn’t missed some kind of announcement I noticed that Boys Next Door’s blog has some statements from Iris writers, while C.B. Potts offers her own […]

  2. Interesting update on this one today: during the Yaoi Press panel at Anime Central, Yamila Abraham actually said that Iris Print was officially closed.

    I contacted Kellie via her site, and I’m reporting this as a rumor for now…but given these reports on lacks of return e-mails from writers, I’m not sure how optimistic I am about hearing back any time soon.

  3. Did she say Iris Print was out of business, or did she say they just weren’t releasing new titles? Because if she’s out of business, it would’ve been nice to get some form of notification that she was doing so.

  4. […] author hasn’t had her first quarter 2008 sales report even though she’s written 3 times now. I can’t get through to my publisher. I […]