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Even more bad news

When we talked to the higher ups at Drama Queen at Anime Boston, they assured us that they would have stuff ready to print in May, and that RUSH was ready to be mailed out to all of us.

Yesterday, this appeared on the Drama Queen forums

As always, anything I post is not to be considered official, but it can be considered better than nothing.

As some of you already know, the closest thing to an official DramaQueen news announcement since September, 2007, was a Publishers’ Weekly article published April 1, 2008. In it, DramaQueen’s President and CEO, Tran Nguyen, reportedly either said or hinted that the next round of releases would hit bookshelves by the end of May. This has obviously not happened. She also revealed the cause of the delay — DramaQueen is waiting on investors.

Since my credibility has recently been called into question, please allow me to introduce myself before telling you what I know. My name is T. I joined DramaQueen in 2004 as Head of the Japanese Translation Department, receiving payment in the form of commissions. In July, 2007, I was offered the position of Vice President of Production and moved 1,500 miles from my home in California to DramaQueen’s headquarters in Texas in order to accept a job that would pay a steady salary. I purchased a small home on the promise that my salary would begin in September, 2007. I was not told that my salary was dependent on investors until after it became clear that a salary was not forthcoming.

Apparently, several business arrangements and commitments were made on the assumption that the investors would come through. This is what dug the company the hole it’s been sitting in. I was not the only one who was promised money.

When those original investors pulled out, leaving DramaQueen to its hole, Tran quickly found new investors. What I was told every month thereafter was that the new investors had promised to come through “next month.” At the time, I had no reason to believe otherwise, and it was DramaQueen that I had moved to Texas for, so I didn’t try to seek alternative employment. For a while at least, I had enough savings to last me until “next month.”

Eight months later, in March, 2008, I finally began looking for another job. On April 1, however, Publishers’ Weekly stated that DramaQueen was going to print by the end of May. Tran had said nothing of the sort to me.

When I spoke to Tran about the article, I asked plainly what the investors had told her to make her believe that this “next month” would be any different from the last “next month.” After some prodding, she let it slip that if DramaQueen did not print by the end of May, the company was pretty much dead in the water anyway. When I asked her to repeat what she had just said, she quickly retracted the statement. That was the first and only time I’ve ever heard her confidence waver.

Let me say this about Tran: She is a good person. She is not intentionally misleading anyone. Rather, I believe her trust has been misplaced, and I think she is optimistic and spiritual to a fault. Her good nature makes her charming, and it is what allowed her to start a business from nothing. Unfortunately, it’s that same good nature that prevents her from doing what needs to be done in business. She has made many mistakes, and I believe she continues to make mistakes, but all with the best of intentions, which is why I waited for her for so long. Frankly, if she sucked it up and started being more of a bitch, I think she could turn this around. Unfortunately, it’s just not in her nature.

I spoke to Tran at the end of May, 2008, before writing this, to ask her what news there is of the investors, and I received the same answer I have been hearing for the past year: “next month.” I relayed to her Jordanmarks’ suggestion of a “‘I totally promise to buy books when they come out’ pledge list,” and she is considering it, but after holding my breath for nearly a year I can’t recommend that anyone else do the same.

Beyond this, everyone is probably wondering what will happen to DramaQueen’s licenses. Having not been a significant part of the contract negotiations, I can’t say. Tran is resisting giving up on the company, but I imagine that if or when she does, she will forfeit the company’s legal claim to any titles, and they will once again become available for licensing.

But, then again, who knows? Perhaps the investors will come through next month.

It might have been nice to hear an official announcement, rather than having your translator keep everyone informed. We’re thinking that a lot of people just don’t want to pull their heads out of their asses and face the music.

DQ had so many licenses that people were really looking forward to. We’re hoping that they get picked up by either 801 Media or BLU, as those two seem to be the most stable companies out there at the present time.

In other publishing news, Circle Dark Publishing is going to be closing up shop. One of our readers, Seraphim Grace, got this letter regarding one of her submissions…

I am saddened to inform you that a series of events beyond our control has led to the suspension of operations at Circle Dark Publishing. Because of this, your submission, can no longer be considered. For this we extend our deepest apologies. We strongly urge you to submit your manuscript elsewhere.

Thank you for your time and your faith in us. We wish you the best of luck in your writing and the future.

FUN! When are people going to realize that running a publishing house isn’t all games and boysmut? There’s a lot of work involved in it.

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