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Why can’t we get a straight answer?

So, the question about Iris Print is still up in the air. A recent blog post from Dear Author poses the same question, and gets the following comments from Iris Print authors.

I was considering asking people not to buy Thaw until I’d heard from the publisher, but last week I did receive an email from Kellie, have now got a royalty statement with promise of a check to follow. I think I’m likely to get it, so those of you who are thinking about reviewing, please do!

As to what Kellie said about the future of Iris – she’s planning to shut down and will be making an official announcement, supposedly this week. Obviously, I have a lot of questions I asked her if she wanted me to keep quiet about it and she didn’t answer, so I’m assuming it’s okay for me to tell you all. —R.W. Day

Yet, Tina Anderson still has not gotten any information from Iris Print about the state of her royalties.

My rep still has heard nothing from her, and she’s sent three emails. There’s no excuse for this when it comes to me–back in January she expressed disappointment in having to deal with my contentious nature as a creator and said this was partly why she didn’t contact me until the last minute. After that I secured a representative to deal exclusively with Ms. Lynch so that she wouldn’t have to pull this silent nonsense again, and she would have no excuse in not being punctual with my statements. Now here she is–giving my rep the silent treatment and my rep has been nothing but polite to her in every email. I’m very angry over all this because I feel like I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t; and anything I say here in regard to this nonsense is going to be considered inflammatory and will reflect poorly on me as a creator. :( —Tina Anderson

While this is great news for Day, and we’re thrilled that she was able to obtain some resolution, it just goes to show the poor communication on the part of Iris Print. We had such high hopes for the company. Here’s to hoping that the authors they had under contract are going to be able to sell their stories to other companies – companies who have the ability to answer e-mails.

In happier news, the SL Publishing Group is officially open for business. This is the company that started up after the Yaoi House debacle. Some of our favorite authors are writing over there, and they’re hopefully going to be releasing print novels this fall.

It still looks like the Yaoi House drama is continuing. There have been some poisonous e-mails going back and forth between Kira and people like Alice Montrose and Becca Abbot. Alice has been keeping track of the batshittery that Kira is spouting.

It’s really sad that after all this, Kira still believes her own bullshit.

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  1. I didn’t say this in my post from Acen, but I talked to Yamila Abraham about Iris Print and she said that she’s actually good friends with Kellie, who is now doing work for Yaoi Press.

  2. Thanks for the heads up!

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